Buy kokeshi dolls? Here Are 10 Recommended Shores Online

Kokeshi dolls are originally local toys from the Tohoku region of Japan.

It is a wooden doll toy made by grinding with a potter’s wheel, and generally has a simple appearance with a round head and a cylindrical body.In addition, folk craft kokeshi dolls made as souvenirs for travel in various parts of Japan.

And since the 1950s, “Sosaku Kokeshi dolls (Creative kokeshi dolls)” with the originality of the artist have been created.

Here, we introduce a Kokeshi dolls store where you can find attractive and high quality products at an affordable price online.

10 Recommended Variety Kokeshi Stores


It is a shop where you can buy many types of vintage sosaku kokeshi dolls(creative kokeshi dolls), and you can also buy original kokeshi dolls made by the artist.

2. K to k Hokkaido Japan

It is a shop where you can buy many traditional kokeshi dolls and kokeshi dolls made by artist.
And you can buy huge kokeshi dolls that you can’t buy anywhere else.

3. Kokeshi Shop

It is a shop where you can buy many kinds of kokeshi dolls. Price is also affordable.
His Kokeshi world Original Drawings are also on sale

4. Kokeshiya

It is a shop that mainly sells creative kokeshi dolls. You can find cute kokeshi dolls

5. And

The rest of the excellent online shops will be introduced in the future.
At any of these stores you can find authentic Japanese Kokeshi dolls.
See more kokeshi dolls at once


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